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v1.0.0, History, Unicode, and Nickname Ownership

23 Feb 2019

We’ve finally made it to v1.0.0, something I wasn’t sure we’d ever do! slingamn and I have been working hard with our contributors and translators to prepare a cracker of a release. Thanks particularly to @bogdomania for pushing us to improve our translation workflow. With v1.0.0, most of the vital features for running a network successfully are now a part of the server.

You can grab the release [here].

In particular:

There are a ton of other cool changes, all of which we’ve listed in the changelog. Special thanks to the translators who’ve put their time into this project, all of which we’ve listed and are also listed in the /INFO command output.

So what are our future plans? Well, the next release should include:

There’s a host of other features that we’re wanting to get to as time allows, but we’ll see what gets ready for the next release. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy v1.0.0, and feel free to contact us with any feature requests you have or post them to our issue board!