Server Network Specs News
Your Own Client KiwiIRC gamja is the official self-hosted IRC network of the Ergo project. It hosts the official support channel for Ergo (#ergo). Other communities are welcome – come find us in #ergo and ask if you’re interested in hosting your project or community here.

To connect directly, configure your IRC client with:

Port:     6697
SSL/TLS:  true

The main channels are #ergo (the support/development channel) and #chat (for socializing).

You can also use one of our web clients: Kiwi or gamja.

By default, all hostnames on are cryptographically “cloaked” so that your IP address information is not visible to other users (although it is visible to server administrators).

If you would like to anonymize your connection against the administrators as well, we are accessible via the Tor network, although you may be banned from some channels until you register a nickname:

Host:     vrw7zcuarwx4oeju3iikiz3jffrvuijsysyznqf53mxizxrebomfnrid.onion
Port:     6667
SSL/TLS:  false

For information on our server’s distinctive features, see the official user guide.

Please note that is our production network, used for real traffic. If you want to test Ergo, please use the official testnet (shared test instance) at